In the Beginning…

Hey readers, I’m not what you would call a major hit in this space of the ocean we call the internet. Hell, writing like this is almost a completely new concept to me.”Why would you bother starting a website if you don’t know anything,” I hear you cry. Well, I want to see this “blog” as an outlet to things that have been on my mind, questions that I have been asking myself that just lead me to have a small mental breakdown over everything in the universe.

These segments will have a scientific backing but I want to explore some of the biggest questions facing humanity, or at least what we call humanity. The sort of questions that I want to investigate will not be “how small is an atom,” that is much to simple. Rather, I want to talk on what was there before the universe, what happens outside the multiverse (if it exists, which it does) and how do we go through different dimensions of space and time.

This will be for all the strong willed, ask every question type person. The person who seeks knowledge over riches, information over treasure. Law has already been confirmed, so why don’t we explore the theories that could prove to make up the universe and everything in-between. Answering the question may prove difficult, but I prefer to live in the journey and not the destination.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…


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