What its like, on the other Side

One of my favourite theories in the world of science and everything around us is the multiverse. Just in case you don’t know, here’s a crash course of what my definition of the multiverse is.

So, originally we were taught that the only important space around us is the Earth we live on. We are the centre of the universe, no more questions.

Science has then evolved into what it is today. What we are currently taught in school and what the majority of us believe today. Sad though it is, we are but a spec in the oceans of emptiness in space that we call home, the universe.

It is where we are going that has me interested, the multiverse. The belief that there are universes outside our own that could have existed for infinity. There are many theories that deduce what is inside these other universes but in the end it comes down to a tug of war between two perspectives. That is, each universe exists independently of each other, each existing with their own laws and physics. However, I tend to lean towards the other theory, the fact that all universes are linked and similar but not the exact same things happen in each of them. These could also be called dimensions.

It is theorised that there could be an extremely large amount of dimensions existing in just a few inches of space on what we currently call Earth. You could look at one object that exists and uncountable amount of times in other dimensions. The reason for this is the different dimensions of space that occur between the universes. A hypothesised 12 dimensions of space and 1 of time exist beyond the 3 that we use to make simple movements. 3D shapes is the best evidence of this.

At this stage, it is nearly impossible for the human mind to imagine what even a few dimensions of space would be like beyond our own. Frankly, I believe it impossible without experiencing or being told about it.

On the next post, I want to talk more in depth on my own theories that seem to keep me awake at night so stay tuned for that.

Share and comment on this post. I started it to create a community of people discussing their ideas, I want this to go somewhere. It will be worth it for the select few who see something that others don’t.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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