From Me to You, and the Millions In-between (Pt. 2)

This post will be part two of me rambling on about what the multiverse is to me, so if you read the first post, great, if not, either read it or trust yourself to know and understand the multiverse.

So, as a general statement I personally believe that there are an extraordinarily large amount of universes or dimensions that co-exist with our own. In these dimensions there could be any amount of differences but most are very similar.

The first part that I want to explore of this is the fact that there are many different versions of everything in each universe, including you. It is fascinating to think that there are near exact copies of you that could be leading different lives, some for the better, some for the worst. I must also warn that some topics I talk on will conflict with others because they are theories, and this is no exception. There will be others that battle with this.

Anyway, the fact that there are different versions of you that lead different lifestyles, (although most will be similar), leads us to think about 3 thing: probability, luck and chance.

These things are all decided by almost nothing. They are almost random. Almost. You, see, there is a loop in the system where there will be someone who has worse luck and better luck. No exceptions. It’s not that God or the ruling mastermind of the universes can differentiate between being lucky and being unlucky, it’s that the definition of luck changes and that there are so many opportunities for luck to take a toll. Like, a lot of chances. Like, every single dimension a lot. This means that somewhere in the multiverse, you, lovely safe you, has died, been tortured and every other horrid punishment you can think of. And you have died a lot. In many different universes you have perished because there is so much opportunity for it.

So next time you think that you drew the short straw just remember that there are millions of versions of you who are 6 feet under in a coffin.

And on that note, its time to stop

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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