Which Universe? That Universe?

In my previous posts I have talked about the multiverse and how there are many different versions of you that co-exist. This articles topic, however, takes the multiverse idea and shoves it in a new direction.

The theory basically suggests that rather than there being an infinite number of chances and probability, your conscious/soul is experiencing different dimensions under different circumstances. What this means is that we as people as constantly changing dimensions and entering new situations that causes what we would call luck. However, dimensions can’t tell people apart from anything else, so, two eventualities spawn from this. That is, we change dimension by physically moving and wading our way through dimensions, or, we go down to the smallest possible particle that can exist and say that they exist in their own universe. The later suggestion would mean that everyone could potentially exist upwards of trillions of dimensions. Each with their own chance. As with any theory on these posts, I do have a preference and for this theory I tend towards the later.

The theories aren’t perfect though and both have pros and cons. The smallest particle theory is a much more scientific answer and perhaps the more plausible, but the chance of something going extremely wrong in one of the trillions of universe just seems too evident and we don’t know what would happen if something went badly in a set number of universes.

Also, physically moving does have an extremely practical answer, that is, more will happen to a mobile animal in a few days then what might happen to a rock in thousands of years. But then, how could simply moving break the immense dimensional barrier?

Whatever the case, I want to explore dimensional theories at a later date, and I’m sure you would too. (hopefully)

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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