Gods Inside You

Hey, another conflicting dimension theory, presented by, me.

Ok, so this may or may not be getting old but it is an extraordinarily intriguing topic that I want to keep returning to. To be honest, I could ramble for hundreds of posts detailing the science and theories behind each suggestion, and I may end up doing just that, so leave a comment telling me to talk on some other topic before I bore you all to death.

Anyway, back to the theory. Some of you bright sparks out there may have figured out by the title that this post is on the God Particle. Now, I’m going to start some controversy here by saying my own version of what the God particle is, so if you do ever comment, don’t shout at me.

So, my version of the God particle and dimensions play an extremely important role in some multiverse theories where everything co-exists. The theory says that there is an undetectable “God” particle that exists alongside the standard model of the atom. The God particle links atoms together to form sectors in the different dimensions of space and time. These sectors would then be able to transfer through different dimensions therefore creating chance and probability, as I talked on in my last post. This would be a legitimate way to explain why things go through dimensions (if they do) and how whole things can be affected simultaneously. There are a few issues, though.

Firstly, we have and probably never will have any idea how big the sectors are, they could exist with every atom, or encompass most of the universe. We also wouldn’t know why the hell the God particle is undetectable. We also can’t explain how the sectors are made and remain linked, I mean, string theory (which we’ll come to later) could be a suggestion, but it’s a pretty wild guess.

So, while reading these articles you would probably see as very inconclusive, they don’t and probably can’t end. The nut job behind the keyboard is just rambling and ending it wherever he sees fit while trying to insert puns and get you to share and comment. Well, (while all that’s true) I am still trying to create a community of theorists to share ideas with, I want this to flourish, and you will get me there. All those little God sectors inside you should be able to conjuror up something spectacular.

Doesn’t all this just warm your heart?

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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