In Time we Trust

We’re talking science. We’re talking theories. Let’s talk time travel.

I must mention that this article is about what happens in time travel, not how we get there. So no, I won’t be talking about the magic 88 miles. That is for another time. So without further compromise, let’s go.

So, I have to warn you, I’ve been binge watching great time travel movies over the past few days and it got me thinking about some stuff. My main thought was just how little we actually know about time travel and what would happen if we were to achieve such a feat. The best example of this is how different movies, media and even goddamn scientists interpret the concept and its consequences.

Over the next few articles I’ll be discussing key points of legitimacy provided from all different sources to really try and build a final picture. I’ll get started with a few movies.

I understand movies are meant to entertain, but I’m not going to completely discredit them. The film Project Almanac (great movie by the way) seems very loose fitting at first, certainly not assisted by the all teenage cast. However, as the film presses deeper and darker into human psychology, the true effect is revealed.

The ripple effect shown in the movie is one of the best descriptions I’ve ever heard. It states that at it’s core, changing the past will displace people and events, creating a new timeline. The movie demonstrates this by displacing a pilot who wasn’t meant to fly to a commercial airliner. Movie drama happens and the plane crashes, killing everyone on-board. However, even this is a small rock in the pond.

You must throw bigger rocks to get bigger ripples. You must meet yourself to create the tidal wave.

Any thoughts on what might happen?

We’ll compare notes next article.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…



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