We all Die before we meet Ourselves

Hello world. Just a heads up that this is a continuation on In Time we Trust, so you should read that before this.

So, picking up where we left off, I was talking about Project Almanac (have you watched it yet?) and its interpretation of time travel. What I’m going to focus on is a point of everlasting debate in the science and media communities alike. What would happen if you went back and met yourself?

Straight away there are differing opinions. Some people say that the universe collapses because of some stupid theory based on nothing but fantasy (I hate hypocrites by the way). Others think that just that person will die or cease to exist in all timelines. Others believe that an initial encounter will make absolutely no difference. I have a tendency to agree with the last for reasons that I will explain later. However, Project Almanac explores the second. So, naturally, we will too.

Personally, I believe this theory to be impossible on a number of levels. Firstly, it is a prime example of one of the core time travel paradoxes. That is, if you never existed then you could never go back. It also relies on the fact that the universe and it’s dimensions magically know what to delete.

In saying that, I am basing this argument on the single timeline theory. If there happens to be multiple timelines which can all be adjusted or deleted, you could theoretically be constantly deleting yourself while still having a version of you to time travel. But still this raises a question. How does the universe know what is what?

Well, the answer is extremely long winded and there are many possibilities. I think that the most entertaining plausibility is a particle that can form together to create what we would call a soul. Then, because of some deep mechanics I’m just bound to explore later, the universe can detect you.

Anyway, my mind is melting and I’m only now just realising the extent I can take this series or articles to. Stick around if you’re interested. If not, still do because you know this can be awesome and something that is vaguely interesting to you might pop up one day in this feed.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…


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