Let’s go back in Dimensions

How’s this for a crossover? The multiverse and time travel potentially being used to explain each other. I’ll break this into two parts, one to talk about the multiverse explaining time travel and the other for the opposite. (The sequel to this is Timely Travels)

So, immediately I am faced with a dilemma. What do I write about? There are so many possible paths and I want to make it very clear I’m only going to explore one in each post. I will do further work however if there is the support. Anyway, let’s get started on how the multiverse can explain time travel.

Supposedly , the multiverse comprises of every single possibility that could exist, some with minor differences, some with differences that the human mind physically can’t comprehend. This in itself infers the existence of time travel somewhere, but I want to take it a little further than that.

For this theory to work, our view on time travel must change. Basically, it shouldn’t be called time travel, rather, dimensional travel. I and many others don’t believe that we can go back in time as the movies portray. I do believe however that we can go to dimensions containing the possibility of our past technically being the present. This way, we would be able to go “back” in time.

Adding to the legitimacy of this theory, it answers the question that is most debated. Why hasn’t someone from the future visited if it becomes possible? Well, going off this theory, they do visit. It’s just that our dimension is one in a nearly infinite field, the chances of us getting picked is more stupendous than time travel itself.

There are so many nuts and bolts to this theory it is impossible to write about, but as always, just comment them and I or someone else will attempt to answer. This stuff of combining two theories creates an even bigger grey area, but I think we can handle it.

How hard can it be?

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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