Timely Travels

And to continue on, we shall discuss the completely different possibility of how the existence of time travel can explain the multiverse. Again, I could write a damn book of theories just on this and again, I can delve into others but just for now I want to go over just one.

It is certainly interesting when something that is reasonably possible is used to explain something that isn’t. What’s even more fun is the reverse, which is exactly what we find here. Time travel (reasonably implausible) explaining the multiverse (plausible).

The theory I’m going to focus on kind of goes against how there is supposedly a universe for every possible scenario, right down past the microscopic level. The basic theory is that the multiverse has existed forever, but was also invented (sort of). It states that new universes are created when different possible timelines physically emerge. This of course means that an object (most likely human) needs to travel back and create a new timeline. Then it snowballs, as those two timelines expand, more potential for growth is seen until we are left with an incomprehensible number.

These sort of timelines could extend further back than even the Big Bang (I’ll explain in the next post) and could hold the answers to some of the biggest questions in science. There are some aspects that don’t fit quite right with the more common theories but maybe they eventually fit together. Anyway, what’s important about this is that while you can explain something with another thing, never forget the reverse can also be true.

Who knows? Maybe we invent the multiverse for our own needs, or maybe we invent time travel using the multiverse. I’m just one person, but you, I and everyone should always look to ask the bigger questions.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…


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