The Big (bang) Question

One of the most common questions in science is “how did the universe start?” The answer to that is the Big Bang, there’s simply too much evidence for it. That answer though is always immediately followed with “well, what was there before the Big Bang?” hinted at this post in Timely Travels, thus I will attempt to answer the question that stumps so many people.

So, a common theory is that the universe started when a “leak” in the multiverse caused matter to explode into a new universe. If you’ve ever watched Prometheus you know where this is going. If our universe was started by another, how did that come into one come into existence? If it’s the same process then how did the one that created the universe that created our universe come into existence? And so on and so forth.

I much prefer an explanation that can answer the question more than just temporarily. The theory I want to discuss focus’ on time rather than the multiverse. Trust me, this will make your mind melt and it’s a little paradoxical, but it’s worth considering.

So, the theory states that the universe was always going to be created, but it wasn’t through usual means. Basically, a hole in time leaked matter from the future to the past to cause the Big Bang. Mind blown. In the future there was material to use, but at that point there was none. A time anomaly caused the Big Bang (which would explain the force) and now we’re all good, right?

Not really, the main argument against this is that nothing could come into existence if the universe continuously created itself from a set point in time. While this is true we do not know when the time anomaly occurs that systematically “restarts” the universe. We could be operating on Last Thursday theorem (I’ll explain later) or, more likely, it is still ahead of us.

So take joy knowing the universe could restart at any point, ending everything that existed for something new. Cool metaphor, don’t you think? Anyway, as I progress with these articles I hope to make these parting words seem less sad, irrelevant almost.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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