The Coincidence

Merry Christmas all. To all you reading now, as per yesterday, my gift to you are two posts today, so stay tuned for that.

Right now though, I want to talk about something that literally just happened to me. I received a gift that was inside a black sheaf. When I pulled it out I found a book. But it wasn’t just any book. The book I got was A Brief History of Time written by none other than our saviour, Stephen Hawking.

What you have to understand is that as of right now, this site is still reasonably small and no one in my immediate circle knows I’m writing for a website. So, as you can imagine I nearly died when I got this book. If I had any doubt that I was meant to write for this site it has been eliminated now. It was sheer coincidence that this book came to me (I might use some inspiration from it). Yes, sheer coincidence.

That was my first thought, but then it turned into a story. Sometimes, there are unexplainable things that happen and we just use terms like coincidence or luck to describe them. But I’ve always secretly held onto a thought, that maybe something else is at play (no, not God, I’ll go through that later today).

I try to view everything with at least two potentials, being the logical and unexplainable. I guess the real question is whether our lives are forged or grown. Is fate real? Well, there are plenty of theories that point to solid answers, but they always seem to defy each other. I’ll quickly talk about how fate is real through the Multiverse and how everyone’s lives are lies. Don’t worry though, it’s only a theory.

So basically, the main inference with the Multiverse is that there is a universe or dimension for every single possibility. Under specific circumstances, this would mean that every single thing must be determined in order for the difference to be made. If the universes were all created at the same time, they would all follow slightly varied paths from the next. If the universes were progressively grown, this would leave potential for an exact copy of a universe and more importantly, a probable universe not existing. This of course means that the universes must be predetermined

Therefore, you have no control over what happens. But hey, that’s only a theory.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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