What did you do Last Thursday?

I teased a theory in The Big (bang) Question about something called the Last Thursday theory. It’s rather simple but has huge implications, but there is no way to prove that it is true. Or false. Which is a shame, because I really would like to know.

The theory states that the universe was created only a few days ago. You were made with those precious “memories” and you have been living your life based on them. Even light coming from stars and rocks that are “billions” of years old were just made that way when the universe was created.

Obviously, the chances of everything lining up are extremely slim, but intelligent particles could help even out the odds.

So what does all this mean. Well, for starters,  we are all the same age, everything that you think happened before a few days ago actually didn’t and every person’s life is a general lie that we can never find out about.

It also has bigger implications for multiverse theories. If we can be created like this, we can be destroyed. Universes may only exist for a very limited amount of time, completely changing everything we know about it.

As you may have noticed this article can go against some of the other stuff I’ve written and that is fine. These articles aren’t meant to be about sense. They’re meant to show you, the reader, just how crazy the universe can be and probably is. One way or another something must be true, unless it isn’t of course, but that’s a story for another day.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

P.S. Thursday was just the day that was coined, it can be Wednesday or Friday or whatever if you want. (Monday doesn’t deserve it though)


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