My Particles are Smarter than Yours

In previous articles I have mentioned how the universe can seemingly “know” what something specific is. No, this does not refer to our own cells that make our memory, it refers to how the universe can remember stuff. And by the universe I mean the laws that govern it.

It is hypothesised that there is an unseen particle (there’s heap of them, I know, but a very specific one) that can interact with others to build something similar to a hive mind. Absolutely absurd, I know, but hear me out.

While the theory itself is crazy enough, there are some who take it to the extreme, a place where not even I can believe. For example, this theory can be used to explain a God like figure. If the particles were all connected then it could become a sort of super mind that touches every place on the planet, with similar figures across the universe. But that’s stretching the theory a little far.

I have more belief in the much more toned down but no less impressive take that these particles hold the universe together by being able to sense where a major lapse is occurring. If this is true than we have a major dilemma (as always). It would mean that the laws of the universe are governed by particles and are not natural. This would make them more like the human legal structure than an apple falling from a tree. Of course, it means the law can be broken, which would explain the unexplainable. It also means we can break all sorts of laws potentially, like travelling faster than light, defying gravity and easy teleportation.

Indeed, this is an interesting theory, and I will probably continue it later, but be read for the next article, because it isn’t a theory, but it’s too damn insane to ignore.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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