Something New

I’m not writing about a completely nonsensical theory today. I know right. The world is going to fall apart. But I must say, this exists well within the realms of insanity that I usually write for.

A topic keeps coming up that I’ve been mildly interested in for the past few years. That is, super positioning and electrons. Some of you very well informed readers will know what I’m talking about straight away, but there aren’t many people on earth who can understand me at all. So let’s delve a little deeper.

In recent times, there have been many observations made about the building block of everything. One such thing is electrons, and they seem to display a rather unique set of characteristics. One such characteristic is being able to exist in two places at once.

Unlike most of the stuff I post, this isn’t part of a grey area between fiction and possible truth. There is astounding evidence for the fact, so for the purposes of this post we can now assume that it is true. One such piece of evidence is when David Wineland hit electrons with small amounts of light energy. This caused the electrons to be simultaneously immobile and moving.

When I first read a similar article to this I think my brain turned to liquid, as all my concepts of reality started to fall away. Now, an electron is an astoundingly small particle, but it is monstrous compared some other particles, and incomprehensibly large compared to hypothesised particles such as strings (you can bet that’s gonna be an article some day). This does make us wonder, how much more crazy can it get?

I mean, the fact something can exist in two places at once is insane. Think of it like dropping a glass cup. The cup can smash on the ground while still existing in your hand. Saying that sentence aloud is hard because it defies all logic but on a scaled down version is very much the truth. It is a true paradox.

And there’s some other fun habits that our electron friends do, so stay tuned for that.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…



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