The Christmas Rant

I hope all of you have had a wonderful day and a merry Christmas. But I have some things to address that you might be interested in.

You see, each year I hear some crap about people being offended at Christmas because of it’s Christian origins. I also hear of other, more ignorant people telling those people to go away because they are over sensitive.

To start with, I’ll tell you what I am, then I’ll tell you what I think. I was raised as a catholic but all through secondary school I considered myself an atheist. Right now I don’t fully know what I believe, but it’s a mixture of science, atheism and Christianity. A strange mix, to say the least.

Here’s what I believe is occurring. There is a god, it is inferred by the Multiverse, which I also believe. This god is multidimensional and exists in many forms, basically explaining the variety of religion. What I do not believe is that this god is all powerful. It is no where near some of the other beings that exist outside the multiverse and the power it holds are exaggerated by every book on the topic.

I also do not believe that we were created by god. Nor does it govern our lives. It exists and anything beyond that is my interpretation. I do not care what faith, colour, sex, gender, height or age you are, so long as you believe something. My belief explains a god existing by science.

What I’m trying to say is Christmas is a time for joy and I try not to let my weird religious/scientific beliefs get in the way of that. If you do not believe in Christmas, you must still surely believe in letting everyone around you enjoy their lives as much as they can everyday, so let them.

If you are against the opposers, calmly inform them that it is just another day and let the people enjoy it just as they would any other day. I get it, I used to be anti-Christmas as well but it does become a logical paradox.

Be safe and play nice.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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