We Have to Go Back!

A while ago I was writing a series of time travel articles for the site and then they just sort of stopped. Have no fear, they are making their triumphant return. Back then, I was only doing the theory and concept behind what would happen if someone could time travel, not how they may travel. This is the present though, so let’s talk about that then. No, these articles will not involve a Delorean or a crazy scientist. They will involve insanity and just a little bit of belief.

To restart this series then, I’ll run over the basic theory and most plausible solution. So, it’s fair enough to say that time travel is slight grey area in modern science. There are so many different beliefs and possibilities, I have no idea where to start. So I guess I can start with myself. I believe that if we invent time travel it won’t come in the form of a suitcase or anything like that, it’ll be much bigger than that. The most popular belief (as well as my own) is that the only chance for any sort of time travel is through a wormhole or something else that ever so slightly breaks the fabric of reality.

It is also common belief that we cannot travel to the past. I have mentioned in previous articles that multidimensional travel could give the illusion of reverse time travel, but you wouldn’t necessarily be altering any timeline.

In short, I think that time travel is still a long way off and that it’s going to take more than just human ingenuity. Wormholes are understood so very badly, to the point where their existence can still be questioned. But if we have any main hope, you can find it in the dimensional folds of a wormhole.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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