What does the Future Hold?

In the article We Have to Go Back! I talked of time travel in the most narrow and plausible way. Soon after writing it I realised that I couldn’t just leave it at that. It’s just not what this site is about. So, on the mention of a “suitcase time machine” I thought it would be interesting to see how we could theoretically travel wherever we want in time using nothing but a small device.

So, travelling 88mph won’t be part of this, what will be though are tachyons. Some of you who are reading this already know what they are but for those who don’t, they are particles that originated going faster than light. I’ll explain the importance of this in an article soon.

If humans possessed the ability to manipulate tachyons around a certain space, we could send messages and eventually people to the past. Because tachyons travel faster than light it would become possible to send a message on a tachyon, have it bounce off a mirror and return to the person before it was sent. Mind blown.

Of course, it can be adjusted based on how fast the tachyon travels and where the mirror is placed, but a possibility none the less. And yes, I think tachyons exist and are (sort of) all around us.

I can already here people crying out as to why I said what I said last article. Well, I may think tachyons exist but I don’t believe we can use them. Or see them. Or even detect them. If by some twist of fate we suddenly can use tachyons for whatever purposes then great, time travel may be just around the corner. But somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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