Born Faster than Light

I think I might have jumped the gun. Here at Theory Central we (I) pride ourselves (myself) in providing the best concepts that anyone can understand about theories that no one can even comprehend. In What does the Future Hold? I basically glossed over a very important concept and basically just told all of you to trust me. Well, I’m here to explain now. I’m here to explain tachyons.

Tachyons aren’t the craziest theory, you could even call them reasonable compared to some of the stuff on this site. Nonetheless, they are extremely important and could prove very powerful indeed. Anyway, you’re probably desperate to know what they are beyond something that travels faster than light (which I mentioned in the last article).

To be fair, the main concept of tachyons is that they travel faster than light. That’s over 299,792,458 metres a second, but it gets deeper than that. Some people think that the (current) laws of science state that nothing can travel faster than light. That is not true. What it does say is that nothing that is travelling slower than light can accelerate past it. So, theoretically, tachyons would have been created going faster than light.

The reason something cannot travel at or faster than light is because the faster you go, the more energy is required, until you reach the speed of light where the energy required becomes infinite. The only reason photons can move at light speed is because they have no weight or mass. What is interesting about tachyons is that it is possible this process is reversed. That means it would take less energy for a tachyon to travel faster and faster.

Of course, tachyons are very hypothetical, but there are other particles like neutrinos that could have possibly demonstrated potential faster than light properties. Maybe.

Anyway, other tiny particles with weird properties are a story for another time.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…


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