Going the Distance

There is a paradox unlike any other. It can be said in so many different ways to produce different outcomes but the basic concepts stay the same. That is, the distance paradox.

Even it’s most basic form is logic defying. Take two cars travelling toward each other. There is 100 metres between them. The cars halve the distance to 50. then again to 25. then again to 12.5. then again to 6.25. This process continues forever. When laid out like this it seems the cars will never hit. The reason for this is because you can’t divide anything by 2 and get 0.

Or can you?

I mean, the cars will eventually hit and the universe doesn’t fall apart because one of the laws were broken, so how does this occur? How can you halve the distance between yourself and your destination while still ending up in your destination?

Take another example. You have a perfect 1x1x1 meter cube. You cut it in halve and place it on top of the piece left over, creating a rectangular prism. After repeating this process you will still end up with another rectangular prism. This means that you create a shape with an infinite surface area, but limited volume. The original cube could stretch across the universe if you continued halving it.

But you don’t need to be Eintstein to recognize that that is simply impossible. So how can a logical problem be explained easily but still prove impossible? That’s the beauty of a great paradox.

Don’t worry however, the answer lies in the next post. And I promise it’s not some deep, philosophical nonsense. No. It’s an actual answer, which is a bit of an abnormality for this site.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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