When did it Start?

Hello all. If you are reading this congratulations, you made it to 2017. Happy new year. I won’t be doing any specifically themed posts, if you want that go to around Christmas, I had a bit of a personal and scientific rant. What I will do is try and twist today’s topic to sort of fit the changing of years.

So what is today’s topic? Well, I’m going to round out the trilogy of infinity paradox’s, including Going the Distance and The Smallest Length. I’ve talked of the Planck length, so now I will finish with Planck time.

I hope I’ve made it clear that Planck length is incomprehensibly small, the smallest length possible in fact. I also hope you know that light is fast. Almost 300,000 km/second fast. And well, 1 unit of Planck time is the time it takes light in a vacuum to travel 1 unit of Planck length.

As you can imagine, that is a tiny amount of time and just like it’s mathematical sibling, anything quicker than Planck time breaks the general rules of the universe. So what’s the significance of this?

Well most people think of time as a constant motion, never stuttering or breaking. Think of it like being able to slow down time. Many people would believe you could slow down time as much as you wanted to if you could but that is not true. Almost like frames on a computer screen even time is broken down into snapshots.

It is from this concept that the Planck era was born. The Planck era was the very first Planck second the universe saw after the Big Bang. At this point in time, the universe was 1 Planck unit across and strange things were happening. What is important however is that the universe didn’t just come out of nothing. One moment, there was nothing, the next, there was something. If we could look close enough we could see the universe suddenly appear as a set shape. The implications of this are perhaps for another day.

Anyway, what this proposal says is that time is flashing. Moments are just a cycling reel and there is perhaps a tiny gap in-between the flashes. More on that in the next post.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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