Theories never Work

A change of pace now. No more Planck stuff for a while at least, that’s for sure. Still though, there is a vague similarity.

One problem in science is the massive amounts of contradictions and just plain wrong parts of the theoretical world. This isn’t anyone’s fault of course, it’s a systematically built in trend that in order to solve our problems we come up with many different solutions. And we’re not just making the solution. We’re writing the story.

Even the most basic or well known theories are still theories for a reason, because they can’t be proven as law. Take the Big Bang theory, the usual fall back theory and probably the most famous in history. Some of the most well travelled scientists believe in the theory, but there are some major flaws in it. These flaws are more numerous and serious than what most people think, but we have the answers.

The answers lie in more theories. Which ask more questions than answer answers. And so goes the process. Again, I’ll use the Big Bang theory. One problem with it was that it always started at a singularity, a point in space deemed impossible by many laws. What’s the theoretical solution? The universe has existed forever. Right when you thought this post wasn’t on a theory.

So, this theory basically says that the universe has no beginning and some even suggest it will have no end. But there is an even crazier extension. A lot of people are know beginning to suggest that the Big Bang still happened, but the Universe still existed before it. The problem with this is that time as we know it has a tendency to break if you look before the Big Bang. So maybe next post I’ll talk about the existence before the Big Bang.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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