From my Universe to Yours

So, the question that was put in Theories never Work was if the universe has existed forever implying time has no beginning but the Big Bang still occurred, what else was there before the bang?

Well, the smartest and most informed guesses are nothing, literally nothing except maybe a point where the Big Bang could have occurred. But that’s boring. So let’s say there was something. Let’s say a whole other universe existed before the Big Bang.

This theory starts with something called the Big Rip or universal tear. It states that due to changing energies coursing through the universe instead of expanding faster and faster the universe will eventually fall in on itself. Dark matter and energy have a lot to do with this theory, so I’ll go over them in the next article.

Anyway, after tens of billions of years it is theorised that our universe could indeed fall back in on itself, creating a singularity (from which it is thought the Big Bang came from). So is it so hard to believe that there have been a number of universes before our own, each one having fallen back in on itself and ultimately starting another universe.

Time would hypothetically always pass, but the way in which the matter of our realm is distributed is constantly changed. We as humans hate infinity because it is so indescribable but in this case we may have to settle for the fact that there really is no start or end.

Unitil next time, this is Theo signing off…

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