The Darkness

So you think you know the universe? Most people who’ve done a little bit of high school science will be able to tell you that the universe is made of tiny things called atoms that make up all the matter in the universe. But many people would answer incorrectly to the question of “what makes up the majority of matter and energy in the universe?”

That’s because the answer is dark energy and dark matter. You see, high school science teaches you about what makes up about 5% of the universe. The other 95% can be found in a dark form. Now, these ideas are being spread and they are scientifically accepted, but many are still blind. So if you’re sitting there feeling good about yourself just know there’s still stuff yet to be seen (get it?)

The joke there was that this dark stuff is named quite literally, it is hard to see and detect. In fact, much like a black hole, we can only say they exist via one of the most important methods of thinking. That is, being able to see by looking for what is not there. This dark stuff can’t be seen (yet) but it almost certainly exists, so let’s go with that logic.

If you haven’t worked it out yet, weird stuff is happening in all forms right across the universe, even in our little corner of the galaxy. Q=We have been observing strange phenomena in the past couple of decades that isn’t easily explainable. For one thing, logic told us that the universe’s expansion would slow down after the Big Bang due to gravity and extreme masses. Not only was that wrong, but literally the opposite was happening. It was accelerating.

Furthermore, we have detected whole sections of space where invisible forces run rampant and control everything. Dark matter and energy may not be very extreme as far as theories go, but they raise questions that could write a script for Star Trek.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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