My Universe inside Yours

So, we’ve established that dark matter and dark energy is a massive force in the universe even though we struggle to say exactly what it is. The most basic question that we can ask then is “what is it made of?”

Well, we know that it’s not standard particles like protons and neutrons, meaning that it falls outside the current standard model of the atom. We also know that the only real force interaction it has is with gravity, meaning it has mass. So there’s some sort of undectable particle making this stuff.

Or are we thinking about this the wrong way? Look around you. Look at the diversity of stuff that can be made of regular matter. Protons, electrons, neutrons and so on come together in all different weird and wonderful ways to form almost everything that we see. So is it so far fetched to believe that maybe something similar is happening with this dark stuff?

We can go even further. There is a possibility that we cannot detect them because they output signals on lengths we physically can’t define. This would mean that it is possible to have replica “dark” particles, meaning other systems and even life are possible.

Two very different existences in one universe. We cannot see or meet them, but just think that there is another version of you inside this very universe. That’s normally the stuff I attribute to the multiverse, not in the same universe.

But maybe that is still right. What if dark particles aren’t actually part of this universe? What if they form part of the shadow cast by other universes over stepping their bounds into our own? Dark matter and energy could be the key to the multiverse. In there could lie the answers to all of our questions that we as humans have ever had.

But ask yourself. Do we really want to know?

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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