A Life for Meaning

I think, therefore I am. A very simple statement with implications that are bigger than we can comprehend. It has been used by physicists and comedians alike. To contemplate, and to mock life as we know it.

I was talking about a rather specific cat last article that I would like to explore a bit more later on, so stay tuned for that. But on a rather similar topic, our existence can at least be boiled down to something. In Is it Dead? I mentioned the fact that we are really only told everything about our lives and what is around us. So what can we rely on?

Well, when even our senses could be lying to us there is very few things to rely on. In fact, theres only one. The simple fact that we can think. I guess the big fear is that nothing really exists and thats its all just a lie. But even we’re living in the damn matrix, we still have the ability to think. So that either means we’re sentient enough to produce thoughts or someone with thoughts created us.

Something has to have existed for any conception of reality to be real. Now isnt’t that just a pleasent thought? So, if you’re ever questioning your sense of self, just know that at least something has existed in order for you to be there in that moment thinking that thought. Not only that, something that had a purpose. to give you a purpose.

Unitl next time, this is Theo signing off…

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