What’s in the Box?

This damn cat, hey? Alright, I’m gonna talk about it finally. So, the basic assessment is that you must observe something for it to be one or the other. For the purposes of this post, I’m going to go deeper. A lot deeper. Let’s say that nothing exists without observation.

Again, this going to be about a huge assumption that we live on, even bigger than the last one. How do we know that anything exists outside of our little box? Hell, how do you know what exists outside of your line of sight?

What do you really know? Well, we coud go over the social concepts, but that’s not really what I’m about. Let’s do some theory. So, the main problem we’re going to have here is that human observation doesn’t exactly alter the fabric of reality. In other words the universe does not know when something is being observed. Unless it does.

The cat in the box could represent the best theory about life inside a simulation that we have. A universe being simulated isn’t that much of a stretch. Procedual generation is interesting, isn’t it? It can be the undoing of video games, sure, but with enough power you can find some very interesting stuff. Perhaps the universe is only generated based on what we, being the sensors of the AI, see. So ask yourself, what exists beyond eyesight? Well, possibly a machine that decides what you see. The problem is, you’re part of that very machine.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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