The Simulations Meaning

Life inside a simulation is a concept often toyed with by the general public. Many consider the human race to be to special (or ignorant) to be the product of someone elses machine. However, this theory falls under one of those concepts that can’t entirely be proven, but neither can they be diproven.

It would seen that many scientists today have found certain factors in our universe suggesting that we are in fact not the result of a computer algorithm. One such argument is in numbers like Pi and e, infinte non-recurring numbers that simply couldn’t fit in a regular algorithm, thus the universe is not simulated.

But if anything these types of numbers provide a setting for the simulation. In the last few posts I’ve mentioned that a locked algorithm is intellectually useless because it cannot tell us something we don’t already know. I growing universe, especially in the hands of the right people, could hold valuable information in almost every area of science. Thus I return to my main argument.

The cat must be seen in order for it to be dead or alive. Perhaps it is only when observation occurs that something new is generated. And observation does not have to be with the eyes. Ideas, thoughts, dreams all come into existence and could be trackable as useful information to our “creators.”

The more we challenge and strive in this world, the more is discovered. As we go deeper, more information is literally being generated infront of our eyes. So if you take a moral from this theory, let it be this. If we are living a simulation there is a reasonably clear cut meaning of life. That is to explore and challenge what we know, so our creators may know more,so their creators may know more.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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