We are not Simulated

I think too many people are asking the wrong questions about the potential for living inside a simulation. People seem to be living in fear that their lives are just linear paths of 1’s and 0’s that can’t be changed (by the way, that is not the case, our world would be forever expanding and what happens is observed, not planned.)

How about we flip the equation. What if we are the creators of the simulation observing unsuspecting people of a digital world who believe they have control? I know this question raises a lot of ethical and moral questions, but those will have to be put aside.

Now, before you go asking me if the people in the Sims are eternally suffering, I must emphasis that we do not currently have the technology. This is a theorisation for the future (isn’t it always?). As I said in The Simulations Meaning, the power needed to simulate an entire universe must serve a purpose. If that purpose is entertainment, so be it but in the near future it will most likely be used for research purposes.

It would prove extremely useful to be able to set laws within a universe and see what happens as a result. As mentioned before, the universe would have to be a growing piece of software to provide any valuable information.

I guess the end question is, would these simulated people know they are being simulated by us? Would we be able to inform them? Could they advance further than us? Find out soon.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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