Are we Powerful Yet?

Nearing the end of We are not Simulated I listed a few questions that may be answered if we able to simulate a reality. In an isolated reality the program that is continuously growing and making rules for itself is not aware that it is just aa program. If we could build such a reality then we would also have the possibility of being able to make ourselves known to the occupants.

This would have very interesting results. Results that I can only really guess at because there are just so many plausibility’s. They could ignore it or not recognise even the most obvious signs, something that even we could be doing right now. The program could also implode as it tries to process that it is, in fact a program and not actually real (think of it like telling God he’s a glorified MacBook). There are many more, but my favourite comes in the form of the occupants using this information.

The question is raised about ourselves as well. If we were told we were part of a program, would we lie down and give up? I don’t think we would. An advanced civilisation that knows the laws that govern their universe are just parameters would have the potential to become extremely powerful. Even more powerful than creators. With the correct universal laws such a civilisation would have the potential to go past the present and predict what the future looks like, and, more importantly, how we might get there.

Of course, these universes aren’t crystal balls but they would at least yield interesting data. Part of that data would include the information about the reaction to the realisation of being told that their world isn’t real. Well, I guess there’s another question. Why haven’t we been contacted if we are in a simulation, or at least why is there no evidence to go for or against? It reminds me of another theory. A theory by Fermi.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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