Are you out there?

Talk about a teaser. I guess I was getting a bit bored of the simulation’s topics, so I linked it another theory. Now, this is a very well known theory that gives a more formal setting to an even more common idea. I present the Fermi paradox.

The Fermi paradox deals with aliens. More specifically, why we haven’t been visited by aliens yet. It has a very close relationship with the Drake equation (not the singer). The Drake equation is used to work out the number of communicating civilisations in our galaxy and indeed the universe. As you can imagine there are very few, think on the scale of every grain of sand on earth verus about 100. The important thing however is that they exist, right?

Well, the Drake equation would mke it seem like we should have been visited by now by an alien race, but there is no documented evidence of such arrival, only crap conspiracies. Hell, we haven’t even been obviously contacted. You could make the argument for something like the Wow signal, but that’s thing, there shouldn’t need to be an argument.

Fermi’s paradox is that all this time has passed yet we have not even been contacted. How is this so? Admittedly, humans are relativly young and our technology is even younger but the chance still swings in favour of Drake.

Maybe we weren’t meant to be visited. Maybe we can’t conceive being visited. Or maybe Fermi’s paradox is more of a fact than we think.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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