A Big, Scary Alien

Are aliens with us? Everybody from movie writers to professional scientists have seriously asked this question and variation of answers only really leads to one conclusion. We have no idea. Not only do we not know whether they are here, but we truly know absolutely nothing. For all you know, you could be the only human on the planet. Or maybe even the other way around. But, I mean, an alien amongst us would be able to blend in with technology we can only dream of. There could even be generations of aliens here.

But hang on, how would we even tell what an alien is? Apart from being little green men inside a UFO with massive eyes, what constitutes an alien? Well, the hypothetical definition of an alien (the one that the entertainment business uses) is “a hypothetical being from another world.” Sounds straight forward, right?

No. I did mention earlier the very real possibility of generations of aliens existing amongst us. That means aliens were born here, and that they do not come another world. I guess the real question is what would you call a Xenomorph that bursts into the world on earth? It’s not really an alien by definition, but it’s still the killing machine you would call the alien. And it’s not just big scary monsters, it’s us as well (although I do ponder what the difference really is).

Take for example the over complications around nationality laws. People living in countries other than where they were born can sometimes prove to be a bit of a headache. Imagine if you weren’t even born on earth. By definition, you could be an alien. A normal human that cannot be human because of where it was born (I’m sure there’s an equality metaphor in there). Just ask yourself, what would it be like to be an alien?

Until next time, this Theo signing off…

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