Nothing’s quite so Dangerous

Something that’s always fascinated me about the universe is the number of ways we can die, and the number of ways the earth can be destroyed and indeed the number of ways that the universe can destroy itself.

It seems right now that the earth is in a constant state of “looking down the barrel” of so many different and explosive finales. Super nova’s, asteroids, human greed, etc. you name it, it could happen. Some ways are more spectacular than others, but they all have the effect of annihilation.

A star that reaches breaking point could produce a Gamma ray burst. These nasty thing shoot out from two sides of a star in beams of pure energy. Deathly energy. Theoretically, a big enough gamma ray burst doesn’t just have the energy to wipe out earth as fast as light, but could also disrupt the solar system. The best part is there could be one pointed our way. Scientists have said the chance is low and the star shouldn’t explode anytime soon, but as always, they don’t really fully know. They also are 60% certain that there is 100% no chance that it will blow anytime soon. Comforting right?

Dinosaurs, blah blah blah. Yeah, asteroids seem like a far off threat and that’s because they are. Even if we were faced with extinction there are some comic book level actions we can take to avoid death. Even so we are under constant threat. Asteroid topics make great clickbait, so be careful in what you actually believe, but keep in mind that NASA aren’t perfect and they have missed some potentially catastrophic things in the past.

Finally, and what I believe to be the most likely of these three examples is us. I know it’s becoming more ironic to say the most dangerous animal on earth is the human, but that is really true. Humans are what we need to worry about. Find out why in the next article.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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