Those who stand

Alright, I’m going slightly off course with the whole theory thing, but I’m passionate about all sciences. I’m even more passionate about staying alive, believe it or not. So my views on humanity are strong as you can imagine. However, I’m not one to save the polar bears or worry that a species I’ve never heard of is going extinct. I’m more concerned that there won’t be anything to save.

You see, most people are taking a piece by piece process where you start removing problems from the top. I say we go straight to the bottom and make all the problems above it fall over. I’ll give an example. In order to stop climate change many people are saying to shut down coal power plants because they’re killing the environment. It’s a fair point but why not stop deforestation instead and rebuild damaged areas. This way animals are given a habitat, carbon dioxide can be stored and we have more power to filter the earths atmosphere to the level it once was in the near future. It’s a 3 for 1 deal, and who doesn’t love a good deal.

There are plenty of examples where perhaps the term brain over brawn is appropriate. One such one is the CFC problem. CFC’s for those who don’t know where a product used in many aerosol sprays and refrigerants. The problem with CFC’s is that they practically eat ozone (O3). That’s bad. Really bad.

Ozone, unbelievably, makes up the Ozone layer. This layer prevents the sun from roasting us all with massive solar radiation. As you can imagine a hole in this layer would be catastrophic. Well, there was a hole, or at least a very thin part of the layer which caused many headaches for the scientists in that region. Sea levels rose at an accelerated rate because of the extra heat and UV light leaked through at very high rates.

So we did what should be done with many things. We banned it. They became illegal to use in 1996 and in that relatively short amount of time we have fixed most of the problems associated with CFC’s.

The point is something as simple as that can fix so many problems, so if you’re listening, spread the message. We twist the truth because we profitability and gain, not because we want to save anything. This greed will catch us. All of us. Unless simplicity is used with clarity.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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