We Don’t always see eye to eye

Another change of pace now. I write about what I need and want to for my own sake, so here goes. As if the multiverse wasn’t confusing enough, I’ve been seeing people using the terms universe and dimension in unison and at first I glossed over it because I too was doing just that. Now however I’m not so sure.

I would say that other universes are entire realms that exists outside of our own, with vasts amounts of law defying space inbetween each universe. I still believe in the multiverse concept but I think it more likely that there are just infinite universes that don’t really correspond to each other. A dimension on the other hand I believe to be different.

Dimensions exist on planes of space different to all others around it. Different dimensions all occupy a slightly different spatial plane, leading to some rather strange effects. Our lowest prospects predict there are at least 10 spatial dimensions around us right now. What if there were more, or even dimensions inside dimensions. Inception like stuff I know, and it would sound crazy to a scientist and child, but that’s the beauty of what I write about.

They’re theories. The realm in which anything is possible, literally. Not just the possibility of imagination. Anyway, a dimension inside a dimension makes little sense, but also helps to answer problems. It means that every dimension could operate off one plane. That means at any one point the universes or dimensions are aligned.

The question is though, just how aligned are they. And spatial dimensions are all well and good, but it’s called space and time for a reason.

Until next time, this is Theo singing off…


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