There’s no Time to explain

So, dimensions might be able to exist in one point in space simultaneously. That’s just the spatial aspect though. What about time? Do all dimensions operate in the same time spacing’s? Possibly.

The simple question is if we could separate our views of each dimension would we see the same things happening in each, or would the be different or stuttered. Well, as always, there are multiple answers, and as always, they could all be right at the same time.

Think of dimensions as a black to white gradient. The black continuously gets lighter as a grey until it is white. Dimensions could fall somewhat on this scale. The closer two dimensions are or more similar their “colour” is, then the contents and time setting will also be similar. Of course then the further apart they are then the more different they will be. This includes time.

In these dimensions that are do different to our own time go at a normal rate, but could be set 100 years in the future or past. These dimensions could also have different time relations. I know this raises a lot of questions but time could flow slower or faster in other dimensions.

I didn’t intend for this article to go this way but I guess this is a good way to further show “time travel” could be possible. Other dimensions could be exactly the same as our own but set in the future or arguably more importantly, the past. The thing with dimension time travel is that you can’t actually alter anything, it is purely observational. This also means that no paradox’s can be created upon ones self just based on seeing yourself.

I guess that’s the thought of the day. Crossing dimensions can let you see a version of you. But you can’t ever see yourself.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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