God’s Ways

I like to keep my personal life away from these articles but something happened today that is just to hard to ignore. Today I heard the song “What’s Up” 3 times. Not that amazing I know but the circumstances do add something interesting. I may have recognised the song but I don’t listen to it or even that genre at all, so I can’t really recall ever hearing it in at least at few months. I also heard it 3 times in less than 2 hours and they were from completely different sources. That last part is what gets me.

So I hear this song once in a show and basically think that “that’s pretty cool, I haven’t listened to that in a while.” It comes on again and I go “wow, okay, that’s a but weird.” I hear it for the third time in under two hours and now I believe the universe has a message for me. I believe God has a message for me. The strangeness of this does of course have a theoretical basis.

In all likelihood it’s probably just something in my mind that actually made me listen out for this song but I think there may be something deeper. In cases such as this I resort to more of a God complex than anything else, because it’s an actual thing that I keep hearing repeatedly, not something the universe can control, even with special particles.

I think I’ve made my views on God clear enough but my basic view is that God is powerful and exists, but is far from all powerful. But if God can still control our lives then maybe he/she can send us messages or try to get us to do things. God is wise and will make the right decision, but sometimes I do not believe that God’s decision is God’s decision.

But if it’s not God’s, then who’s is it?

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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