The Rich and Powerful

God’s real, but he certainly isn’t all powerful. There, I said it. Infinite possibilities is a fun topic, is it not? There are so many contradictions and bold statements that it’s almost beautiful. The problem with infinite possibilities is that it is an infinity complex, as in there will always be something more, something more powerful, something greater than the one that came before it. Even our highest interpretations of God cannot stand up to what else exists.

Of course, after the general term for God, people tend to then ask about other Gods, and not just from foreign religions. Greek and Roman Gods are also mysterious characters in this, as they too must exist. Not only exist but in some cases co-exist with every other God imaginable.

Imagine that. Uncountable amounts of Gods all fighting above us for our attention, all based on different beliefs but one thing unifying them all. Their existence. They exist. It’s as simple as that but also so much more complex. But even after we sort through those Gods there are still more to be seen. More powerful ones.

So where does it stop? Where does the power battle end if the next God is always more powerful? The answer lies in the true creator. Whether it be a force of nature, a higher level being or something else entirely, it will always hold the power because it created them. I don’t know what created this existence. I don’t know when it was created and to be honest I don’t know if we were created.

All I know is existence, and so should you.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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