A Loving Force

So I was at a wedding. And of course my mind was racing with how different theories are affecting this event in all different ways. Then something came up that effected me. One of the vows mentioned love as a force of the universe that cannot be understood, but is always the most powerful. My pretences about love are depressing at best and I looked down on this quote, but it grew on me and there is a deeper meaning in my mind.

Love is an emotion. Emotions are made by us and we are made by life and life is made in the universe. This chain is certainly interesting because I do believe in the universe and everything it creates, but I do not believe in love as a force of nature. But traced back far enough the universe did make love. Its the same case for many things.

These chains that can be created make significant grey areas in deciding many things in life. For example a family is decided by bloodline, but traced back far enough every human belongs to the same family. So where does it stop?

One of my favourite ones is the artificial vs natural materials debate. When does a product become inorganic? It will always be made with a combination of natural products (except in extreme circumstances), so why isn’t everything organic? The answer lies in our own human constructs. There is no point at which a family separates off or a product becomes inorganic. There are just points at which we say there are.

We must stop believing that the universe has set rules for us when really it is ourselves holding us back. We are creatures of habit and of knowledge. We love to know things so maybe that’s why you know that that’s the next articles topic.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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