Knowledge is Power

Here’s a question I’ve been asked a few times. Apart from genetics, what has separated humans from other animals so that they have become the dominant race? The obvious answer is our brain of course, we are physically inferior to many animals and wouldn’t stand a chance left out in the cold without tools.

But what exactly is it about our brain? Having the capacity is all well and good, but that’s not the aspect that has given us the internet and flat screen TV’s. Having knowledge is good, but what defines us as humans is the drive to find out as much as we can. This concept can be seen throughout history, in the present day, in very major forms and habits that are so commonly looked over.

Our insatiable thirst for knowledge drives us through every day, year, century and millennium. Let’s start with the major points.

Science, engineering, literature, you name it, this drives it. We always want to know more. We want to see how tall our buildings can get, how small our phones can get, we want to know what is going on out there in the wide universe. We want to see atoms, detect black holes and measure the immeasurable. Ask yourself this though, what benefit do we get? What do we get if we see an atom, or prove a black holes existence? Nothing, except for a greater understanding. We’re even finding out how to find out stuff quicker through artificial intelligence and robotics. But there is another side to this.

Think about this in every day terms. We hate not knowing something, even if it seems insignificant. Whether you’re a teenager who’s not in on the gossip or a concerned parent worrying about the memes your children are looking at, we all want to know a little more. Just think about TV these days. There are cliff-hangers at every damn corner to keep us watching because we want to know what happens next. Yeah, it’s that basic. We hate not knowing. We crave knowledge like a drug, it’s what makes us human.

But have you ever then wondered what happens if we stop wanting knowledge?

Until next time, this Theo signing off…

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