Knowledge Fails

In Knowledge is Power I asked what would happen if the basic thing that made us human vanished or was removed. Well, we have a pretty good idea, mainly because it’s already happened.

Taking away the pursuit of knowledge effectively brings the human race to a standstill. We cannot advance and everything stays the same, from machinery to social structure. As well as this, the longer we are halted, the longer people are held down, the harder it is to explode into a new phase in humanity’s history.

1500 years is a long time. 1500 years is even longer if there are no technological improvements. People have a pretty general idea of when the Dark ages were, but mines slightly different. Humanities dark age goes for 1500 years before the industrial revolution. You see, in those 1500 years, less was achieved than in a century after the industrial revolution.

Don’t get it twisted though, my period of the dark ages and others have the same basic definition. A time of intellectual disparity or where there was no pursuit of knowledge. The industrial revolution is also a bit of a talking point as many see that as a dark time for humanity. One of child poverty and social separation. I see it as inevitable.

I in no way promote the terrible actions committed during this time, but I see them as a lesson and something to use to safely push the entire world into prosperity. There is a massive debate about whether industrialisation is even worth it, so massive that it’s ethical dilemma will need a separate post. But I believe that the world we live in is good, and has the potential to be great. Universal happiness is the end goal, impossible to reach but the higher we aim, the higher we miss.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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