We the Humans

Industrialisation. The most obvious way humans have impacted the world. We started at simple machines and slowly worked our way to the most cutting edge technology designed to help us understand the universe. Industrialisation is what makes humans the dominant race on earth and if we make it, the universe. Indeed, it is humanity’s greatest marvel. But was it worth it?

Of course it was. Leaving out all other factors, at a simple choice of industrialise or stay primitive, any smart person would say industrialise for a variety of reasons, with one standing above the rest. We can discuss pros and cons of industrialising all day but all that has to be considered is what do we get if we don’t industrialise?

Self proclaimed eco-warriors and human rights activists will scream in my face about how unethical I am, but there is a simple fact they are ignoring. A great quote I find quite relevant here is “the night is darkest just before the dawn,” and we don’t call them the dark ages for no reason.

If we keep ourselves stuck in place happiness levels will never be maximised, there’s no education and overall the world is worse off. People always want to go back to the simple times, but since when was simple ever good. It’s not good, it’s easy and comfortable, but wars were not won and humanity was not advanced in easy and comfortable conditions.

The fact is that while bad stuff happened, good things will result in a much greater quantity. Humanity is becoming better. We are neither inherently good or bad, rather we forged based on experience. The good people that stand will always out weigh the bad and we will reach a point of global prosperity. I know this because it’s the only reason we’re still alive.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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