The March

Changing gears now. In We the Humans I said that the idea of humanity generally becoming more ethical as a race is perhaps a very big reason as to why we are still alive. I don’t mean this in the sense that we would otherwise tear ourselves apart, I believe that others would tear us apart. That’s right, aliens.

I’m sorry to say but Hollywood is wrong (are they ever right?). Aliens will not be coming to harvest us anytime soon for many reasons. The most prominent reason is that a civilisation advanced enough for inter solar system travel at the very least would have more advanced morals than even our own. Even we as a species now are becoming very protective and conservative, whether it be saving the Pandas or leaving tribes in Amazon alone, we already hold ethics above even research in some cases. So imagine a civilisation that has been industrialised for thousands of years.

This is where Hollywood fails us again on the big screen. Humanities future does not lie in greed, as some might want you to believe. Avatar for example, apart from the many other things that are plain wrong, there is very very little chance that we would take over a rainforest dominated planet, let alone just to mine it. As we advance, so do our ethics and the power becomes spread over more and better people. This also means that the dystopian futures are a little far fetched. Sure, not everyone will be completely happy but global oppression and control I don’t think so.

In just a century humanity has gone from industrialising child slavery to it and many other things becoming a crime against humanity. Even now it’s happening at the fastest rate ever with the internet spreading good for all it’s worth. There will be hate but that’s just the nature of web, but that’s a story for another time.

Humanity continues to improve. In most of our life times, we will see major developments. I’m relatively young (I guess) and I’ve already seen huge advancements in almost every facet of modern society.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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