Ok, once again we’re changing topics, I know lately science hasn’t been top of the agenda, so it’s time to fix that. I think it’s time to discuss something that really embodies what this site was made for. String theory.

I do not and will never have enough university degrees to fully understand or even comprehend string theory, in fact most people on earth cannot, it really is that complex. But nothing was ever achieved without even trying, so I’ll give it a go. That being said, even with me putting this in my own simpler terms, this will take a few posts to get through. So here we go.

We’ll start from the beginning, the logical place I guess. String theory is obviously about strings, but just what are they? Well, strings are what scientists theorise as one dimensional objects, in that they do not have width or height, just length.

In it’s most basic form, a string is comparable to an atom. They literally make up everything, including the stuff that makes up atoms. The thing is though, strings are so incredibly tiny, even from my point of view. The most extreme and perhaps probable comparison says that it an atom were the size of our solar system, then a string would be about the size of a tree. I had to read the sentence again when I read it because the solar system is absolutely massive and sometimes underappreciated for just how much space there really is between planets.

Anyway these strings are so small that they literally border on the edge of what is physically possible. They exist around the size of the planck length which I have discussed in previous posts, so you can fill yourself in (basically it’s the smallest possible length given the laws of our universe.) Being this small they also start to exhibit all sorts of weird and wonderful properties that scientists are just starting to comprehend and figure out.

More on the weird and wonderful in the next post.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

One thought on “Stringy

  1. Yay, this is the 50th post.
    This has been really fun and I don’t want to stop anytime soon.
    Here’s to another 50 with as much success.

    (I’m kind of surprised that I managed at least a daily post for over a month but I’ll take it)


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