Hold on to Something

So, continue on with string theory we shall. One complex scenario that is fixed with string theory is the entire concept of gravity. We all take it for granted everyday, literally nothing even close to something as complex as life would be able to come about if it wasn’t for gravity. There would be no planets, no solar systems, no galaxies, nothing. Most people also know the basic concept of “the bigger the object, the more powerful the gravity.” But why? Ask that question to just about anyone and your answer will be “I don’t know.”

How the hell does gravity work? Why is it that when there is a densely packed region of space, it is able to suck other particles towards it? The answer is most likely a particle in itself. I present the aptly named Graviton. As I have suggested, the graviton is a particle able to convey gravity and as suggested by this site, the graviton is still just a theory.

The reason it is a theory is simple, it can’t be proven (yet). When applied to say, the standard model of the atom (which is also broken) the physics around it go haywire and fall into impossibility. But maybe we’re looking at the wrong way.

This is where our strings come in. If these theoretical gravitons interacted and were made of theoretical strings, then theoretically it could work. That’s like, 3 layers of theory. If it sounds a bit dodgy that’s because it is, we’re trying to figure out the weakest force after all. We already have the other 3 forces worked out, so think of this like completing the collection.

At it’s most basic level the calculations should check out, and since we’re dealing with laws of the universe and not literature, there is no room for exceptions or places were a calculation can not work if applied correctly.

String theories application could one day help us solve gravity, but there’s so much more and exciting stuff it can do for us.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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