Smaller than the Smallest

Fun fact about me, I play a little guitar on the side to writing for this site. I realised that I glossed over an important part of how string theory fixes our problem with atoms. The thing is that different types of atoms are just protons, neutrons, electrons and everything in between being arranged in different ways. Protons, neutrons, electrons, etc. are just smaller particles like quarks arranged in different formations. This keeps going all the way down until you get a string.

The problem is strings aren’t made of anything. They just are strings. So how can they form different things? Well, the same guitar string can produce a different note if it’s not wound as tight. It’s not quite that simple but in essence string “vibration” determines what type of string it is.

This does however raise a question in my mind. String may be one dimensional objects, but they should supposedly still contain two points in relative. So then what the hell exists between those two points? There’s the whole thing about not being able to go smaller than the planck length, but it’s more than that. The thing is that something has to exist between and those two points in space. But what?

We might have to leave our comfortable zones to find out.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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