The Comfort Zone

In Smaller than the Smallest I mentioned the space between the two ends of a string. This is an improbable space where nothing can exist, except it does. The ends of a string are separated by something, but if nothing can exist there, then what?

Well, as always there’s a few answers to this, some involving loops of time and space and larger distances in smaller packages. But I think that we’re being to comfortable. Some theories are trying to win a marathon without getting tired. We can’t stay in our comfort zone to figure out the extremities of anything.

Our comfort zone is the 3 spatial dimensions. It is after all where we exist and all that we know. But the universe doesn’t have a comfort zone, especially when it’s on the limit of what it allows to be physically possible.

String theory requires at least 10 spacetime dimensions to work with creating “ghost particles” which really spoil the party. But how is there so many dimensions? Well, we’ll start with the definition. The basic version is the number of independent co-ordinates needed to give a point in space.

Most people know this as x, y and z, with these values you are able to triangulate an exact point in space. But why do we need extra dimensions, and how is there more than three? Well, in order to have a unified theory of force there must be these extra dimensions.

As for how is there extra dimensions, you best be finding it in the next post.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…  

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