Like a Fish in the Pond

In the world around the human mind can conceive three spatial dimensions (4 with time) because 3 is all that is needed to exactly triangulate any point in space. String theory however needs at least 10 dimensions in order to work, so we’ll just say for the purposes of this post that there’s 10 dimensions.

But I always wonder why this is the case. All the way down to the planck scale, 3 dimensions is still all that you need to exactly find a point. So why? Well, the answers are not going to be simple. In short, no one will be able to explain what being in extra dimensions is like, simply because the human brain is not fit to do so. Visualising extra dimensions is literally inconceivable to us, so I can’t do that.

What I can do is give a general idea of where they are, or at least where they are speculated to be. A common theory is that some dimensional planes are too small for us to feel and see, but objects like strings will be able to interact with them just fine. These are called collapsed dimensions.

One of my favourite dimensional theories is regions of hyperspace. Hyperspace here is when a region of space existing on top of another region of space. These splits in reality would be very small and relatively rare but would provide access to dimensions higher than our own. Dr. Michio Kaku used a fish in a pond analogy, saying “just as fish in a pond do not know what is above the water, humans do not know is above there own “pond.”

Beautifully said, and it raises another point. One of human control. We think we know everything and what exists just does, but we need to think about it more. We need to step back and start thinking as though we are the ones in the pond.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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