Where we are now

The human mind is a funny thing. It can be generous, evil, mutual and arrogant all at the same time. This is not intentional, rather just an evolutionary trait of intelligence. But what isn’t part of nature evolution is the profound and sudden power that has been bestowed upon humans.

In a few hundred years we’ve gone from spears to rail guns, horses to supercars. We think that we are supremely powerful, we even thought this before the dawn of modern science with the whole “earth at the centre of the universe” thing. And even today, remnants of that past can be found in little habits and thought processes that every single person will go through. Nothing that is under being infinitely intelligent can be given great power and have not a single thought of arrogance with it.

Just as I quoted in Like a Fish in the Pond, we humans are just like the fish. The higher plane of spatial dimensions cannot be conceived by us because we do not think in that way. We as a race have a very central view, in that what we see and detect is what exists. Scientists have taken this further but we are still lacking in some areas.

Perhaps humans are too powerful for this. We constantly see ourselves as among the most intelligent beings in the universe, but what does that even mean? The same question is asked about those who say we are amongst the most idiotic beings.

Then again, we need this power in order to study the unreachable. So that leaves us with a small quandary, what should we do? Well, maybe taking a step back would show where we’re going, rather than where we are. This would be very useful indeed for solving the previously posted string theory, which we’ll get back to soon.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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