So it’s obvious that we have to Dig Deeper into string theory to properly understand what we’re even dealing with. The thing is though that we do not know the limit of information that can physically be found out. In my mind there are 3 scenarios to answer this with, all of which providing very different outcomes.

The first one is that there is no bottom. Let’s just say that string theory being infinitely complicated isn’t out of the question, and who knows how many loops we may find. We’ve already experienced large differences in that string theory is currently no even close to achieving it’s original purpose, and there’s not much light that can be seen in the tunnel. An infinitely complex theorem for an infinitely complex subject, they go hand in hand.

But who’s to say that it is infinitely complex? Maybe it is finite. Maybe there is a bottom. And maybe we will never see it. If humans continue to advance then chances are that if string theory has an end, then it will be found due to our insatiable thirst for knowledge. However, this could take thousands of years and social constructs are very much subject to change (if you understand that). String theory may have an end, but in all likelihood it would seem that it is an unreachable end.

And then there is the one that I want. We complete String theory. Soon. If string theory is completed, we basically have God’s instruction manual to the universe. We will also have completed pretty much all there is to know about this sort of science, meaning we will have to feed our knowledge hunger elsewhere. Finally, we have unified the universe and found what really makes the universe turn. We might even have the answer to our own reality.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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