Is it Beneficial Though?

A thought has occurred to me. One that I have previously considered but never really put much thought into. While this is a definite fact, there is a theoretical side. That is the pursuit to benefit ourselves.

I know it sounds arrogant and selfish but it is what it is. Humans will only ever do something if they think it will benefit themselves. It sounds crazy at first but the more you think about it and the more you realise that there are literally 0 examples to the opposition, the clearer it becomes. Every single thing. No exceptions. Whether it be taking another breath, walking, robbing banks, doing stunts or going to the next class, we only do it because we think it will benefit us.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as true charity, we all expect something in return for what we do. Charity workers seek the good feelings and the knowledge that they helped another human being. They also want the world to be a better place, because they too live in that world. Even babies instinctively cry for things and sleep as needed to directly benefit their growing bodies.

I guess this is more of a fun observation than anything, because it is more of a way of saying how something happens than actually stating fact (although it sort of is.) However for those arguments against this, consider it as the level above the pursuit of knowledge. We seek to benefit ourselves, and part of that is wanting knowledge. This is bigger however. So next time you’re doing anything just observe how you or others try and benefit themselves.

And don’t try and beat this, you’re just seeking knowledge of whether or not you can beat what I’m saying. It’s an unbreakable statement.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…   

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